Flyin’ The Sousena

Last Updated on: 30th October 2020, 02:17 pm

It’s a good thing this ended well, it could have been much, much worse.

In germany, a man decided to go for a flight in his Cessna. He also decided to pack some beer and wine and drink while he flew. He ended up getting so off course that air traffic control folks had to guide him in with a chopper. While he was up there, in reference to the runway, he said “Come on, I know you’re down there. Where the bloody hell have you hidden yourself?”

He also sang some tunes, cracked some jokes, and told controlers to pull their fingers out cause he had a party to go to. Once he was guided back in, they tested his blood alcohol level. Yup, he was smashed, sloshed, hammered. He now no longer has a pilot’s license.

For some reason, the idea of him singing over the air to controlers amuses me, althoughI’m sure they never found it the least bit funny.

Ah, now I understand why I repeatedly dreamed of the Bob Rivers song “Oh God I’m An Ocean Buoy.” I must have been thinking about this German man. You can’t get the whole song there, but you’d get the idea.

Aside: Now that I’ve put this post up, can folks see the comments link on the Nokia Braille post? What about this post? This only applies to folks with eyeballs. I know *i* can see the comments, but there seems to be some kind of colour issue or something.

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