The Cuffs On His Wrists Weren’t As Nice As The Watch, But He Needed Them More

Last Updated on: 27th June 2018, 03:41 pm

We’ve said it many times. there are good times and bad times for robberies. What those are can sometimes be debated since everybody likes slightly different working conditions. But no matter how you feel about either side, it’s hard to make even the flimsiest of arguments in favour of the working habits ofMark Burgin.

Burgin, on trial for a 2009 knifepoint robbery in Tennessee, decided for reasons only an idiot could understand that the perfect time for his next great heist would be during a lunch break at the trial I just mentioned. His target? A jewelry store not far away.

A clerk noticed he was wearing a Rolex watch, and saw that a nearby display watch was missing. The clerk confronted him about the watch and he returned it. But when the clerk noticed several other pieces missing and asked Burgin about them, he fled and apparently returned to court about a block away.

He managed to escape with around $45,000 worth of merchandise, but that’s where his luck ended.

The description given by witnesses was quickly matched to him, of course. Everyone at the courthouse knew he’d done it, but amazingly kept that knowledge from both he and the jury until the trial was over. Once he was found guilty on the old charge, he was immediately arrested and given a new one.

The charge may be new, but my money’s on the verdict being pretty similar to the last one.

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