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Last Updated on: 11th January 2017, 11:09 am

You know what sucks? Migraines. You know what sucks more? Migraines that last for a couple of days and then leave you a worn out shell for another day after they’re gone. And you know what else sucks? Getting over the migraine, feeling better for a day and then running smack into one of those colds that lays you flat and all you want to do and all you really have the energy to do is sleep. So yeah…that’s why the blog’s been quiet other than the odd joke and the stuff Carin wrote on the weekend. Hopefully we can stop sucking so much and get this thing going again…just in time to disappear for Christmas.

I think I’m ready for Christmas. I need to buy some more stuff for Carin, pick up the other half of the Shoe Thief’s gift and wait for something to come in the mail, but I think aside from that, the shopping is all done. It’s funny, because I’m never sure if the shopping is really done or not. This year Carin and I are spending Christmas together for the first time. Not together in our own place, but together. We figured we’d alternate between spending it with my family and her family, and for some reason we’re starting with mine. Don’t give me that typical selfish man stuff, it was Carin’s choice.

Where was I? Right, shopping. Shopping is always interesting around here. For quite a few years, we threw a big New Year’s Eve party. A lot of our good friends would come, and since they were close pals, we’d often exchange gifts. So every year we’d have to know who was coming ahead of time and shop accordingly. Then a couple of years ago we quit having the parties. They were fun, but too much damn work. Carin’s family lives 6 hours away and while mine is closer, I’d come back and have to get ready to have a few days worth of guests immediately after being away for a week and going to something like 4 Christmas get togethers on consecutive days…sometimes two on the same day. There wouldn’t even be time to unpack, and poor Carin would come off of a huge road trip and some years be dropped right into a party in progress. We’re still young, but we’re too old for this shit. We decided that it’d be a good idea to stop throwing the parties while they were still fun so that maybe we’d want to do them again someday. But one of the consequences of this is that it messes with my head. Do I need to buy something for that guy? NO, we’re probably not seeing him until April. What about him, he’ll be at the New year…oh yeah, we don’t do that anymore. And this year is even worse. Not only am I still doing that with the usual suspects, but now Carin isn’t going on her usual trip. That means I don’t have to get anything for our friend up there right away, which is odd. And Carin’s family can’t decide if they’re exchanging gifts or not, so I have no idea whether I’m supposed to be buying them things. My brain, which can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, is having a freaking field day with this. It keeps going over and over the list, stopping on all the people I have nothing for, making me feel worried about it and then reminding me that it’s all good…only to do it all over again with the added vision of a giftless person handing me a present.

Speaking of presents, I did something this year that I never do. I paid Amazon to gift wrap something. I’m a horrible present wrapper and the timeline this year doesn’t allow for getting somebody competent to do it for me, so I dropped a couple of bucks on having a gift done as a test. Has anybody gotten this done and if so, how does it look? The paper doesn’t have gigantic Amazon logos all over it or some shit, does it? Please, tell me it doesn’t. Ahh well, live and learn, I suppose.

On a totally different note, the WWE pay-per-view prediction contest is almost over. There’s one show left, that being TLC this weekend. Guys, I seriously could win this thing. Right now I’m all alone in 1st place with a two point lead, but it’s no sure thing. If I screw this up really bad, I could easily be toast. I didn’t do super great on my Surviver Series picks, but I did well enough to keep myself ahead. All I have to do is hang on, but I know me and I know my record in online contests, so I’m scared.

I’m not sure how I’m doing in the TNA/ROH contest. There are a couple of shows I haven’t seen and I didn’t want to spoil them by checking the standings. But what I do know is that as of the last time I looked, I was in a pretty big tie for 9th place. that sounds kind of awful, but all that was separating 9th from 1st was 2 points, so it’s not so bad.

One more wrestling thing before I go. I know I’ve harped on this before, but Jesus Christ the names on these guys in WWE!

I was watching some FCW the other day. There was a six man tag match that saw the team of Conor O’Brian, Tito Colon and Kenneth Cameron take on Colin Cassady, Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan. What I want you to do is look at those two sets of names and tell me without looking it up who the guys getting squashed are supposed to be. Indeed, one team is supposed to be a bunch of scary guys that strike fear into the hearts of their opponents while the other is there to be faceless geeks who’s job it is to be beaten up by the scary guys. But if all you have to go by are the names, how would you ever know that? All six of those names sound like guys who would be getting massacred by the Undertaker or Hulk Hogan back in the days when Vince McMahon knew how to name a wrestler or when he was still smart enough to let them keep the ones they came in with. None of these names stand out in a good way. They either don’t register at all or in the case of poor Conor O’Brian, they make you feel bad for him and for the people who lack so much creativity that they named him after a fucking talk show host.

I think that’s going to be all for now. The cold is starting to bug me again so I’m going to find some soup and maybe watch some guys with awful names wrestle for a while.

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  1. >Boo urns to migraines, which plague me as well and are just about the worst things ever.
    They're pretty much the opposite of the Amazon gift-wrapping service, which I've used before as recently as last week. The package arrived yesterday swathed in pretty shiny paper and complete with a lovely ribbon. I even had them write the gift note for me. Not bad for $3!

  2. >Glad to hear good things about the Amazon wrapping. Now let's just be hoping that all of its loveliness doesn't get ruined in the mail.

    Another thing I've noticed about Amazon is that the shipping rates for smaller things are much more reasonable now. I'm not a super frequent Amazon guy, so when did that start? It was nice to pay $2 to ship a CD instead of close to $5 like it used to be.

  3. >All Amazon packages I've ever received have been pristine right out of the box (possibly due to excessive use of bubble wrap). They use a flat, broad ribbon rather than a fancy-schmancy bow, so it's kind of impossible to screw up.
    I'm not a super hard-core Amazon user either. In fact before this weekend I hadn't placed an order for a couple of years. I have no clue when shipping got so reasonable, but the lack of duties has a lot to do with it I imagine. Also, with all the marketplace options available now, it's possible to buy the item at dirt cheap prices that almost render the shipping moot. I mean, when you used to pay $24 for a dvd without factoring in handling charges, but now you can buy the item for $9 plus say $5 on shipping, you're still way ahead of the game. 🙂
    Let me know how the wrapping situation works out for you.

  4. >I should find out soon. I had a shipping notice in my email late yesterday afternoon.

    And while I'm wondering things about Amazon, who are these people who use the priority or express shipping? The standard usually gets you things within a day, maybe two. How much faster can it get? Is the package at your door before the thank you page is done loading?

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