It’s A Tough Job, Patrolling The Mean Halls Of Shady Pines Elementary

Last Updated on: 1st May 2019, 09:23 pm

This is completely nuts.

I realize we live in a bit of a different time than we did when I was growing up, but jesus christ! There’s something seriously wrong with the system you’ve created when your public schools need their own police forces, and those police forces have the authority to issue criminal citations for stuff that should be falling under the category of cool your jets, ya little wisenheimer!

Throwing a paper plane, flipping somebody off, swearing or getting into a playground fight should never be the kind of thing that winds up on your criminal record before you’re even an adult, left there to ruin your prospects for employment or higher education. And no, they shouldn’t be the kinds of things that send you to juvenile and adult prisons, either.

It’s nice that Texas is looking at the possibility of pulling back a little, but it’s hard enough to undo bad decisions when you don’t have lobbyists and rules standing in your way, so this is going to be whatever 7 levels above calling something an uphill climb would be. I hope it’s also a lesson for people. When you yell and scream and over react to every incident no matter how big or small, this is what you get. We all want our children to be protected and safe, but we also want them to have a chance in life to achieve more than jail or being a drain on the system because school hasn’t prepared them for the world like it’s supposed to.

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