Getting Back On Track…?

Last Updated on: 20th March 2019, 08:04 pm

Would you look at that, I’ve decided to crawl out of my hole and post something! And what a suckass hole it is, I must say.

The things that put me into said hole are thankfully getting better, which is great. but as that situation improves, dealing with it has caught up to me in a big way. Essentially not sleeping for a month…don’t ever do that, everyone. It’s not good for you. At all. I have no memory, no focus, migraines and the constant feeling that I’ve had the stuffings kicked out of me and been thrown down a flight of stairs…and that’s just the constant stuff. I’m feeling a bit better, but garbage and I are still close to each other on the feeling like scale, so I think I have a way to go before I can call myself what passes for normal.

Due to all this, I haven’t been the most exciting fellow. I’m just sort of existing. I’m behind on just about everything and need to start catching up. I owe lots of people phone calls which upsets me because telephones give me headaches, but on the bright side, I think I’m close to the point where I can start rounding up stupidity and writing about dicks again. That’s me, always trying to find the bright side of things. Hooray for dicks!

There are lots of things catching my attention that need a word or two like the whole Harper Government robo call deal, but they all require far more brain power than I currently possess, so let’s start with sports.

Ron Wilson finally got fired. I say good decision. He had his few years at the job, and it’s obvious that something wasn’t working. Obviously not everything wrong with the Leafs right now can be laid on him, but it’s clear after three plus years that things had to change. The Leafs should be right in the thick of the playoff race right now,but instead they’re falling further and further behind. You don’t lose 10 of 11 games this time of year with the talent level these guys have and hold the coach blameless. It’s his job to get the players to respond and bounce back, and it just isn’t clicking.

And while we’re making coaching changes because of things not clicking, can something be done about the goaltending? Neither James Reimer or Jonas Gustavsson are bad goaltenders. In fact both have been downright awesome at times. But sometimes it seems that both of them have absolutely no confidence. Whether that’s the fault of Francois Allaire, Ron Wilson or something else entirely isn’t obvious to me, but it’s an area that could definitely use some looking at. Even if by some miracle this team makes the playoffs, flakey goalies aren’t going to keep it there long. You kind of live and die by what’s going on in net, and given some of the mistakes guys have been making lately and some of the less than stellar defence, what’s happening in the net needs to be top notch.

On the subject of playoffs, MLB has added a couple more spots to theirs. This is great news. It’s great news because I’m a Jays fan and making the playoffs in the ridiculous AL East is pretty damn hard. Any extra chance that exists can’t help but be a good thing. It’s also good news for every other team for the same reason. It gives teams that are playoff worthy an actual sporting chance against the stacked teams to whom money is no object. Oh, and let’s not forget that it means there will be more meaningful baseball games later in the season and perhaps even more meaningful trades and roster moves. I like that. I’m not sure how you could view this as anything other than a win. More teams have a chance to make more money by staying in the race longer, and more fans have more of a reason to keep watching and stay invested. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out, even if the Jays don’t make it this year.

Before I get out of here for who knows how long again, I need to vent about one small wrestling thing. For once it’s mostly fans and column writers rather than anything stupid a company did.

The other day, a story came out that Ring of Honor had blocked a few of their guys from signing with WWE by enforcing contracts and not letting them go. This pissed a bunch of fans off, getting them all up in arms about how unfair it is that one company wouldn’t let them leave and go make more money in another. ROH and the named wrestlers all deny it and have even made fun of the idea, for what it’s worth. But heres’ the thing. So what if they did? These guys are under contract to the company. Unless I am fundamentally misinformed about how contracts work, that means they can’t just pick up and leave unless all parties agree to it. If ROH doesn’t agree, too bad. Yes they’ve let guys leave before, but things are different now. ROH has a big TV deal and are now owned by a broadcast network. They’re trying to grow, and you can’t grow if you can’t keep your talent. Look at it this way. ROH has a big 10th anniversary show tomorrow. It has title matches and important storylines are going to progress. Are you telling me that if WWE threw a bunch of money at everybody on the show to leave, that ROH should just be fine with that? That’s insane! Of course they shouldn’t. That’s why there are contracts. The company has to protect its interests and its ability to make money and put on shows. Wrestlers aren’t interchangeable and fans aren’t stupid. If you slot somebody else into an angle built for a specific person, it won’t work. It’s fine to let people go if those people aren’t involved in something, but for the sake of logic and business, you can’t just let anybody with bags of money loot your promotion and kill it dead. How people don’t understand this is quite honestly beyond me.

That’s all for now. Time to rest my head, get some breakfast and prepare for the first Blue Jays game of the year! I know it’s only spring training ball, but hey, it still means the Jays and baseball are back!

Wait. since I mentioned Ring of Honor and their 10th anniversary show, you really should order it if you like wrestling. It only costs $10, and I promise you you’ll get much more action and quality storytelling out of it than you will out of just about any $50 WWE offering. You can head over to for all the details.

See you soonish…I think.

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