Levon Helm’s Last Waltz

Last Updated on: 19th August 2022, 11:28 am

Well, so much for posting that Levon Helm video to break up the sadness yesterday. Talk about timing. Around the same time I was putting that up, this was happening.

“Levon is in the final stages of his battle with cancer,” says the note. “Please send your prayers and love to him as he makes his way through this part of his journey. Thank you fans and music lovers who have made his life so filled with joy and celebration…he has loved nothing more than to play, to fill the room up with music, lay down the back beat, and make the people dance! He did it every time he took the stage.”

He sure did.

It’s tragic whenever cancer takes somebody, but especially so when it seems the person has recovered and gotten on with life the way Levon did. It took a while, but he got his voice back and kept on going, sounding as good as ever. Here he is just a couple of years ago, crushing it like he always did. This became one of my favourite songs for a while, constantly getting stuck in my head.

It would take ages to write about all of Levon Helm’s contributions to music and folks more qualified than I are already on it, so I’ll just join the chorus of those saying thank you. Cancer can take a person, but it can’t take the music.

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