Who’s More Crooked: The Bank, Or The Government That Allows The Bank To Exist

Last Updated on: 27th April 2015, 08:42 am

There’s an old joke that asks how you know when a politician is lying. The answer, as you may have heard, is when his lips are moving.

Yes there are honest and well-intentioned people in politics, I know that. There have to be. This many people throughout so much history can’t be this dishonest and corrupt. But these good people can only do so much when a system designed the way America’s and increasingly the world’s is is allowed to keep rolling along unchecked, unchanged and unquestioned. I don’t know where things all went wrong, but at some point the bad people won. the same happened in business. And when you put politics and business together, you get this.

If you can read the story of Bank of America and not be horrified and angry, you have your hand in the pot. On this point there can be no room for argument. You either create and endorse this fraud and pocket much of the rewards, or you’re a bought and paid for government accomplice. There’s no other way to explain how this is allowed to continue, especially on the dime of the customer and the taxpayer who, it should be pointed out, are mostly the same people. This level of blatant lawbreaking would be enough to put just about anybody in jail until the human race ends and then some. But somehow it’s earned Bank of America billions upon billions of dollars worth of everybody else’s money, all with the support of government. Yes, the same government that keeps screaming fake outrage about what they’re enabling.

This article is a long read, but it’s worth it in spite of its unpleasantness. I’m not even American and this worries the hell out of me. Nothing says it can’t happen here, and as I’ve said before, as goes America, so goes the rest of us. Do I know how to fix it? No. But somebody had better figure it out or we’re all doomed.

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