Weekend Audio: Greetings From The Shoe Thief

Last Updated on: 8th June 2012, 11:14 am

Ok, so technically this is last weekend’s audio, but things happen. Things like me coming down with a 3 day flu the next morning, for example. In retrospect I think that’s part of the reason I sound so sleepy here. Part beverages and part impending doom.

People have asked for it, and we’ve finally delivered. Our friend the Shoe Thief, who’s name has graced these pages many a time, says hello…several times. Perhaps once for every person who has ever wondered what he sounds like. He also stalls for time while I can’t find something and then have to wrestle with the Winamp cue function that’s supposed to be making my life easier but most definitely is not. And then…oh then! You all get more than any of us bargained for. You get a song. But not just any song. Just you wait and see. If you hear laughter in the background, it’s Carin and I not believing that he actually agreed to go through with this. I still can’t believe it, but here’s the proof.

We’ll try to do more this weekend since we have ideas and some questions still to answer, but there are family functions going on that may not allow for it. But in the meantime, you can marvel at this nearly 12 minute spectacle.

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  1. So when I heard the audio was only twelve minutes, I grabbed a cup of coffee after downloading and pressed play. When The Shoe spoke, my head turned towards the speakers in a “how you doin” sort of way. Very sexy voice. Shoe, not Kermit.

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