Long Weekend Audio: You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Babble.

Last Updated on: 21st May 2012, 01:26 am

This will be the last audio of the night. It would have been up sooner but…well…I got distracted.

We started off talking about the whole underline/underscore thing. Ro had said that Voiceover says “underline” still, and then Steve said that JAWS says underline too. More and more weirdness.

We decided that would be the last audio of the night. Poor Steve had been awake since 4:30 because he knew that I had to wake up early, so his body woke him up a couple hours before. Apparently, it likes to do that. I don’t know about that sort of thing…as I’ve slept so heavy that my snore sounded like a broken fridge motor. The thunderworks were in full effect, so Trix was busily shaking away. So we decided to start answering questions people have been sending us. We explained again that we probably aren’t going to do all the mailbag stuff in one go…because it just wouldn’t work.

We started with Amanda’s question about whether Steve has had any tape/nipple accidents lately. He said no, but he’s sure it might happen again. He talked about how he must suffer for his art…which led to the question of whether nude portraits of Stephen Harper, ordinary-looking wooden benches, or toilets should be considered art.

Since we thought we’d rambled long enough about that, we decided to answer James’s question about whether we miss Echo or Blogger yet…which is kind of funny since this post is getting posted to Blogger too. James, you wanted rage? You got it. Here it is in written form. We got to talk about how much more WordPress allows us to do compared to Blogger, and how WordPress search kicks Google Blogsearch’s ass from here to China. As soon as we can find a daily email-sending thinggy, it’ll be curtains for the Blogger version.

Other things mentioned in this section included that disturbing comment by someone named Hardon Ricky, and Weird Al’s The Good Old Days. So yeah, James, I think you got your answer…loud and clear.

Finally, Ro asked us the condition of the talking beer koozy. In this earlier cast, it was going downhill. Well…the news isn’t good. You can hear just how much poor old Joe has to say.

I don’t know why, but every cast appears to have a Tugboat reference in it. Hope you don’t hate us for that.

For this 42 minutes of goodness, grab it from here. Hopefully we can squeeze out some more audio tomorrow, and at least try and answer more questions.

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