Fools Argue Over Kool-Aid Just Like Moms Depend On It

There really ought to be some sort of IQ requirement attached to gun ownership. A quick test to weed out the type of people who would use their firearms for downright ridiculous purposes, such as settling arguments over who makes the best Kool-Aid.

The two suspects were in front of an abandoned school on Tuesday night when they began arguing over the sweet drink, police and neighbors told the station.

Both suspects pulled out pistols and began firing at each other but each missed their targets and fled the scene.

Two bystanders were struck by bullets. One man was hit in the wrist while another was hit in the rear.

Both victims were taken to hospital for treatment and later released. They’re expected to be fine.

The shooters, meanwhile, are still at large. No descriptions were provided, but at least one of them had better look like this guy.
Photo of the Kool-Aid Man.

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