The Person Paid To Act Like A Bad Man Acted Like A Bad Man To My Kid! No Fair!

Last Updated on: 27th August 2020, 10:46 am

I don’t know if this woman is a bad parent raising yet another pantywaste kid, angling for some kind of compensation, honestly doesn’t understand how playing a mean character works or all of the above, but she’s apparently serious in her belief that it’s 100% wrong for a wrestling heel to act like a giant meany head to her precious little crotch fruit.

Shelly Ehler, who won $75,000 on a the “Shark Tank” television show, sent a letter to WWE complaining that Alberto Del Rio tore her eight year-old son’s fan sign for Sheamus at a live event. “Del Rio is a bully,” Ehler told “I looked at him and said ‘he’s crying’ … and he mocked him.”

Ehler took to Twitter to complain and contacted Ricardo Rodriguez, who gave her the LOL treatment. She contacted Sheamus, who offered to send her son a signed photo and meet with him the next time he’s in town. WWE issued a statement noting that Del Rio and Rodriguez were merely playing characters.

How upside down is this Ehler lady’s world going to be turned when she finds out that Elmer Fud doesn’t really heartlessly gun down fun loving, innocent rabbits or that Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t really a cyborg?

I think Jason Powell may have summed this up best, though maybe it’s not completely fair to blame the kid for his mom’s stupidity.

It’s great that Ehler’s kid will be getting a signed photo from Sheamus. He can put that right next to his growing collection of participation ribbons he amassed from playing non-contact sports.

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