Black Friday Body Count: I Stab People

As if we needed it, here’s proof positive that Black Friday shoppers are idiots.

An unidentified man in a Sacramento K-Mart line threatened to get all stabby on people for some reason, and the crowd just laughed at him. You know, because that’s the proper response when a strange man says such things in a situation that’s threatening to degenerate into violence regardless of whether or not he’s there to shank you.

A shopper threatened to stab people while in line for K-Mart doorbuster deals in South Sacramento.

A line of hundreds had started wrapping the building on Stockton Boulevard since 2 a.m.

Once people came out to give vouchers, the crowds began yelling, cutting and screaming obscenities. That’s when one man threatened to stab others. They laughed, but he said he wasn’t joking. The people entered the store without any problems.

Icing on the cake? There were no police or security officers around until *after* things got out of hand. but really, how could anyone anticipate needing them on Black Friday?

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