A Picture Of Tansy

Last Updated on: 30th March 2013, 01:38 am

Carin hasn’t figured out how to post photos through the iPhone WordPress app yet, and since she’s not exactly awash in extra time, she asked me to put up this photo of Tansy for her. So…here she is!
A photo of Tansy, Carin's new guide dog.

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  1. And here I thought Carin was having technology troubles. Good lord! In the process of posting this I’ve seen things go wrong that have never gone wrong before, so let me know if anything is messed up. To my blind eyes the picture is doing what it’s supposed to do, but this is one of those times where others would know better.

  2. Hi, Steve – you’re very close! The only issue – and it’s not that big of a deal – is that the picture is sideways. It could stand being rotated 1/4 way clockwise. Hope you’re getting along well on your own!

    1. Very strange. Nobody on Twitter who commented has mentioned that. Wonder how that happened. Not sure what if anything I can do about it, I just posted it as is.

      Getting on just fine on my own. Miss Carin quite a bit, but me and alone time are pretty good friends.

  3. First picture I’ve seen of Carin. Cool – even if it’s sideways. I do that all the time and I can see.

    1. I just came across Carin’s tweet from this morning asking about the picture and yes, you guys may be able to do this without a mouse. To rotate it, open the photo file on your computer – or select edit, if it doesn’t give you an open with option. If you are using Windows, it should automatically open in Windows Photo Gallery, unless you have designated another program for viewing and editing pictures.
      I don’t know if the Windows Photo Gallery buttons are accessible with Jaws but I at least found labels for them with NVDA on the version of gallery my computer runs. If you go through all the options you will get to one labeled “rotate counter clockwise” and the next one is “rotate clockwise”. That clockwise one is the one you want. However, you may not actually need to access the buttons. The standard keyboard shortcut in this program for rotating a photo 90 degrees clockwise appears to be control plus the period key. Pressing that combo once should turn the photo of Carin and Tansy upright like it needs to be. Then, save the picture. On my computer Windows saves it automatically when I exit after making any changes. Hopefully yours will do the same, because I could not find a designated save button labeled anywhere. Hope that helps!

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