Trixie and Tansy Meet, And We Get Video

Last Updated on: 5th August 2013, 11:11 am

Hi. It’s me. You know, the one who never writes anymore? I have a metric boatload of ideas for posts. Who knows how many I’ll get through…but here goes.

I’d said a while back that Trixie and Tansy had met, and the meeting wasn’t the most wonderful. Well, they’ve since had 2 more meetings, and each one has gotten better.

At their second meeting, we were lucky enough to have a cousin around with an iThing, and he caught some video. They were out playing in a big field at Steve and Brad’s grandpa’s. Here are the resulting videos.

In the first one, I asked Tansy to come…and come she did, bowling over poor Trixeroo! I thought she might run right through us!
Here comes Tansy!

The second video is just some footage of the two dogs playing. I don’t know which one was barking. Trix definitely barks much more now. I didn’t know she could be so vocal!

Trix and Tans playing

As for their third meeting, Brad came and stayed with us for the weekend. So, Trix and Tansy were in the same apartment. After the first romping session, the two were quite civil to each other. Man did they love to chew on each other’s faces. It was kind of adorable to sit between the two dogs and give them love. By the end, they were both quite sacked out. I think Tansy misses Trixie. She keeps searching for her. Ah, you two will meet again, have no fear.

So enjoy these videos. I have more to say, I have no idea in what order I’ll do this.

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  1. Welcome back. I missed you. The dogs are adorable.

    Did I ever tell you we have a dog? Named DOG? He’s a mostly border collie, black with a little white on his chest and paws, and was sort of dumped on us. I just didn’t have the heart to take him to the shelter; ever the no-kill. My friend who would know says black dogs are the last to be adopted. He’s a gem. He came to us toilet trained, he’s good watch dog (noise), and he loves everyone once he gets done barking at them. He’s definitely a herder – he nudges me here and there to make sure I head where he wants me to go. If he were a little larger and younger, he’d make a great service dog. We think he’s about two now but just guessing.

  2. should have typed “even the no kill”.

    His name is DOG because I didn’t plan on keeping him at first so I wouldn’t name him. By he time I accepted the inevitable, he answered to DOG. There was no point in confusing both of us.

    1. That reminds me of a story a friend once told us.

      He was at somebody’s house and these people had a dog, so naturally he asked what the dog’s name was.

      “DeYoJee,” he was told.



      “That’s an interesting name. Does it mean something in Japanese? Is it the name of an artist or something?”

      “No. It’s just D, O, G. You know, D O G. We just like pronouncing it that way.”

      1. At least I’m not the only one. The dog is DOG and as of this moment is curled up right between the kitchen and living room so everyone has to step over him.

  3. Oh don’t they just love being right there in the middle of everything…also right in prime stepping on territory?

    Give Dog a scritch from me..

    1. I will do that. We are watching Life of Pi. DOG has decided it is not his thing and is sleeping in the bedroom.

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