And The Fallout Continues From All The GDB Layoffs.

Last Updated on: 5th August 2013, 12:23 pm

Wow. This is a pretty messed up order, but I figured this one I could do quickly.

So, you know how a bunch of employees suddenly got laid off from GDB? Well, a few of them are suing. Yup, suing GDB. It seems like for the last little bit, the work environment hasn’t been the most rosy.

I haven’t read the documents because I haven’t had the time or mental energy, but if you want to have at it, here’s the filing right here.

I give the people credit for doing this if things were this bad, but I’m sad that this blemish is on GDB. What a total shmoz. Somehow I don’t think letting them all go was such a cost-savings after all.

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