I Drive A Green Car But I Need It Painted Black. And Now I’m Locked Away And Freedom Won’t Come Back

At first, Westley C. French, Richard Andrew Genn and Gregory Raymond Carson weren’t doing too badly on their little crime spree.

After beating and robbing the new owner of a truck that one of them had recently sold because they wanted it back, they ditched it a few hours later, I suppose figuring the police might be on to them. They ditched it so well, in fact, that the police still don’t know where it is. That’s a point for getting it back and hanging onto it.

The next day, French was tooling around in a green Nissan with South Dakota plates. Seeing a police car and fearing the worst, he floored it, managing to lose the officer after a 13 minute chase. That’s a point for getting away.

Realizing that continuing to drive around in that green car was a recipe for disaster, French and pals had the bright idea to paint it black. That they did, which is a point for having some foresight.

But there’s a reason I use the phrase *some* foresight. Had they used all of the foresight, French would have thought to change 2 more things: His clothes, and the license plates on his freshly disguised vehicle. And just in case there was any doubt as to whether or not the police were seeing what they thought they were seeing (there wasn’t, but let’s just say), it was quickly erased by the black spray paint that his accomplices hadn’t yet cleaned off of their hands.

But even though he was done, French wasn’t finished yet. He gave a false name and date of birth to police during questioning. it didn’t work, which is minus any points he and his friends might have had left.

All 3 have been jailed, French for his latest escapades and some prior warrants. Each have bail set in the 5 or 6 figures, so probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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