It’s The Adele People!

The other day, we had CBC Radio 2 on, and I heard this song that sounded like something Adele would sing. I asked Steve if this was an Adele song. He said no, but heck if he could remember the name of the artist. So every time we would hear this song, we’d say it was the Adele people.

Finally, we got their name, Sweet Alibi, but they’ll always be “The Adele people” to me.

Seriously, listen to “I’ll Wait”, if you go down to the heading for that and click the link, it should play, and then listen to anything Adele. I’ll just pick Set Fire to the Rain because it’s handy.

Do you hear it like I do?

At any rate, I think I could groove to Sweet Alibi, even if I call them the Adele people for the rest of time.

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  1. The second song down, Get It Right, sounds even more like her to me.

    There are those 2, and then a funny thing happens. They start sounding not quite so Adeleish. I kinda dig them. Nice voices and a few different styles to the music.

  2. this is great! who is the author of this article?
    I am Amber, one of the singers in Sweet Alibi, glad you like the song. It was written about my mother who is and still is receiving care, its a song about sticking around when people need you the most 🙂

  3. Hey. Wow, you found my post! Thanks for stopping by, and glad you enjoyed it. I like what I’ve heard of your music. I’d always wondered what that song was about, now I know for sure.

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