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Yup, I’m full of random posts. I hope these aren’t boring.

A while back, I noticed that the noise What’sApp makes when you have new messages reminded me of something…something…what was it? What I settled on was the little humming noise an old toy I used to have made if you shook it just right. It was an apple. An apple with a face on it. It was an apple but it had a face…happy apple! That’s it!

Steve thought I was nuts until I went looking for a far better description of the thing than I could give. I found one better. someone took one apart to see what made it ring! She’s a better woman than I.

It isn’t much, but here’s a baby jingling a happy apple. If you really listen, you can hear that ringing humming noise behind it. That hum fascinated me as a wee kid. I always thought it was this mysterious force.

That got me thinking about another old toy that I had…what the hekck was it called? It was a ball attached to the end of a long stick. At the other end of a stick was like a little pull handle. So you pulled the toy behind you, or I guess you could push it in front of you too. As the ball rolled, it made noises. Some of them made popping noises, and had pictures of letters or zoo animals or something..but the one I really wanted made awesome jingling noises. What the heck was that toy called? Does anyone else remember these things? I don’t think they were just called pull toys. They were pull-toys , but they were different!

Yup…I think of weird random things. And Tansy’s about ready to kill me since she thinks it’s 6 o’clock and I haven’t fed her yet. Ah but Tansy, this is the new 5, it’s your first time-change!

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  1. Actually second time change if you count the one from pacific to eastern time she went through back in April, though she seemed to adjust to that one fairly quickly. Wonder how different this one will be.

    I think we had one of those pull toys with the handle on it too, but I can’t remember what they’re called either. And didn’t some of them have wheels on them? Like a wheel on either end?

    1. Hrumph. I don’t remember wheels on *this* pull toy…I remember wheels on other ones, but not this one. But maybe I’m remembering it wrong. I always thought of this one like a broom…except on the end where the bristles would go, there was this magical awesome ball.

  2. We had one of those Happy Apple things. If I look around in the old toy box at Dad’s, I bet it’s still there. We also had two of those push things. One was sort of long with a wheel on either end and sounded something like the Apple. The other was some sort of popcorn popper thing. I think it had a Big Bird head on it. Both of them had sheels and you could push or pull them around.

    1. Ok good, so I was right about the wheels. I think you’re right, we did have the popping one and the jingling one. And we most definitely had a Happy Apple. I can’t remember if it was ours or one I saw somewhere else, but I remember one with the leaves partly gnawed off. I don’t think that was ours.

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