Trix, You’re Still In My Dreams

I mentioned yesterday in a comment under Brad’s post about Trix that I had another dream about her. Here it is, because it’s weird. And, why am I having Trix dreams still?

It started off normal enough. Steve and Tansy and I were out walking through some festival in Kitchener, and Brad was there too, and he had Trix with him. There was someone else there who could see, don’t know who it was…maybe cousin Matthew? Yeah I think it may have been him. So we’re all strolling around through some streets that were closed for the market. Then we got back out on the normal streets, and for some inexplicable reason, Trixie darted into traffic! I’m not sure if her flexi broke that she was on, but she bolted. Matthew tried to catch her, but someone else already had her, and we were relieved…

Until that person showed no intention of bringing her back!

There was Matthew saying, wait what? He’s not coming back this way! Not knowing at all where we were going, we all ran after him, calling Trixie! And then I heard the sound of a choke chain and a yeep…one of her yeeps that broke my heart. We ran and we ran but Matthew couldn’t see him anymore, and we lost her.

We went to the Humane Society, trying to explain what happened and ask what to do, but it seemed there was nothing that could be done. There was a lot of hyperventillating and crying and feelings of utter defeat, at least on my part. I just remember a lot of silence and disbelief on the part of everybody else in our little search party.

And then I woke up, so relieved that it was a dream.

So…I’ve had Tansy for pretty much 7 months, but thankfully I haven’t started having the Tansy dreams. It appears when I’m going to have a guide dog abandonment or guilt dream, they star Trixie. I had one really weird dream about bringing Tansy on the old Tour of the Universe ride, and realizing too late that that wasn’t a good idea, but that’s the closest I’ve come to having a nightmare involving Tansy.

Yeesh! So glad Trix is safe!

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  1. I have dreams where I leave Jayden somewhere. For whatever reason I leave him on a paratransit or in a store aisle or other bizarre places and I always go back in a panic and he’s right where I left him. Crazy freaking dreams. Yours sounded terrifying though. I’ve never had a Jayden abducted dream.

  2. I had one where I left Trix in an elevator. That one was terrifying and I never got it written down. guh. At least I’m not the only one dreaming I leave dogs somewhere.

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