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Gill has written in with a tribute to a woman who meant quite a bit to her. I knew her too though it’s safe to say not as well, and she was indeed a very nice lady. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years. The time, it flies.

I think back on this date to fifteen short years ago, and remember where I was and what I was doing. I also remember the person we lost that day.

I will take you back briefly to 1985 to a scared young girl going faraway from home. I was terribly homesick and crying. Most of the other house parents had done the usual “stop crying.` routine, but one of them stepped out, and took me away for a while. She gave me a proper hug, and let me dry my tears on her shirt.

As I grew and life plotted its course I never forgot that. I also came to appreciate her sense of humor, and her big laugh.

One night I was sitting with her and some others talking when soap operas were brought up. In my usual fashion I made a smart remark. She laughed her laugh, and told me something. I asked her what it meant, but she tried to withhold the information. Undeterred I asked again, finally she told me that I was a heck raiser in a good way.

The day in question dawned cloudy and sad, as many November days do. I went to class, laughed with friends, and came in for dinner. The housemother on that night excused herself to answer the phone, and when she returned she delivered the news.

I will admit that the tears didn’t come right away. Shock was my first reaction. I had lost the ability to perform the task of putting my dishes in the washer, and stood in shock trembling and hoping it was just a horrible nightmare. It wasn’t, and I eventually made my way to call my parents.

Who was this remarkable person? Her name was Lynda. Her heart, humor, and big laugh were legendary through out the school, and the years.

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  1. I have a good memory for dates, but Gill has me beat on this one. I forgot exactly when it was that she had died. I knew it was 1998, but I forgot the exact day or month. That was a rough couple of years for the school in terms of deaths of staff.

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