Tansy Does Not Do Cold Well…

When Trix’s first winter came, she hated the cold, especially when it snowed. But I think Tansy hates it more.

As soon as the temperature started dropping, I noticed Tansy sleeping a whole lot more. It’s almost like she goes into mini hybernation. The poor thing, just when she’s adjusted to one temperature, it drops or does something else.

I also noticed her shivering whenever we’d have to stand and wait for things. So I bought her a coat. Here she is wearing it…if I have done everything correctly.

Tansy in her new coat.
I sent this picture to her raiser. She says it looks like Tansy is saying “Do I have to wear this?”

She is not thrilled with me putting something else on her pupster body but she puts up with it, and seems less cold. Let’s hope she puts on a thicker coat next winter.

Now I wonder how she’ll feel about a coat *and* 4 booties…

Aside: This was taken a couple of hours before I got the black eye, thank god.

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  1. I’d say Tans definitely hates it much more than Trix ever did. Some days she won’t play with me at all and will hardly even say hi in the mornings…and forget being greeted at night when you guys get home. She just heads to the warmest part of the house, falls over and sleeps. Knowing how insane she is, you get a good sense for how much she really does not like this weather. And of course as I’m writing that last sentence, she sprints out here and attacks me. Hahaha. Thanks for making me look like more of a fool than usual, Tanser.

      1. She certainly does not. Yesterday I had to dig her out of the crate for you again. It was funny. She looked up at me like oh come on, are you serious? I thought we were friends! Ok, I’ll go. But I’m not gonna like it and I won’t forget it.

        Wonder how long it’ll be before she figures out that looking to me to save her from all the mean things you do to her isn’t a good idea. If yesterday’s crate exit and tub entrance don’t do it, I’m not sure what will.

  2. Awe, poor Tansy! Hopefully her coat will thicken up or she’ll learn to love the coat.

    Rogue has a really thin coat and has to wear a winter coat as soon as I begin having to wear more than just a sweatshirt when I’m outside.

    Btw. Huib says the picture is on it’s side.

    1. Ug! Again? Seems to happen whenever I take pictures off my damn phone. It even said portrait, so I thought it was right side up…gotta find those crazy instructions from L-Squared.

      1. Hmmm. Yeah. Wonder if phone pics are the problem. If so, why? People post phone photos all the time without having that issue. Gug. Just another thing to figure out, I suppose.

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