New Favourite Treats of Trix and Tans

I thought I’d mention a couple of things that really make Tansy leap for joy.

The first is anything that comes from a website called They sell all kinds of natural dog treats, but the thing that makes her go most nuts of all are things called Bullwrinkles! Brad got Trix interested in them, and brought some for Tans. And…she pounced!

Then Brad said “They say they’re made out of high quality bull pizzle…what’s a pizzle?” Steve jokingly said “betcha it’s a shween, Brad.” So I googled it, and well…that’s what it is. So now, we don’t call ’em bullwrinkles, we call ’em shweens! We’ve even got bunches of Steve’s family saying it now, the best being his dad, who said, “I don’t know what’s a shweens!”

But she also likes yams, and pretty much anything that comes in a Biopaw box. She kind of attacks the box the way Trix would try to jump in the hundred mile market boxes. Brad has also sent me a can of something called tripe. He says Trix loves the stuff, but it stinks. He says he wants me to phone him when I open it so he can hear my reaction. What a sicko.

The lady from Biopaw is super nice. She helped me out when I was trying to get Brad a gift certificate, and is interested in making her site accessible! Cool! She also sends free samples of stuff whenever you make an order…I’m still trying to figure out what they are, but I think that’s really cool.

The other thing that makes Tans go nuts is a dog toy called Skinneeez. I got her one just to see what she’d do…and it was a hit, although I think I should have bought the durable type because this poor thing didn’t stand a chance. Before long, Mr, Skinneeez skunk kind of had no eyes and his head was mangled beyond recognition.

Basically they’re plush toys without any stuffing in them, and they’re just the right shape to make dogs go freaking insane. They do have squeakers in each end, but they’re pretty deeply embedded in there…and if I’d got the durable type, she wouldn’t have gotten the suckers out.

Tans went so nuts for the things that I had to smuggle Trix one…and if Tans ever saw it, she wanted that thing right here, right now! A few times, she stole it from where I set it. I never thought I’d say the words, “Tansy, give me the raccoon.”

The jury’s still out on whether Trix likes the thing, but I know Tansy loves them to death. Now I just need to find out who sells the durable jobs.

So yeah…we definitely know what Tansy’s favourite toys and treats are, and Trix agrees about the treats. I can imagine that I’ll be making many purchases at Biopaw, and I’ll be on the hunt for stronger Skinneeez!

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