When Winter Falls

Sorry for the slowness round here this week. I needed a bit of brain rest, then we got some sad news we weren’t expecting, and now I’m fighting off and mostly whooping the ass of some sort of cold type thing. It’s amazing what you can do and how quickly you can do it when your body actually decides to work with instead of against you. “You look like you could use some sleep. Here ya go” tends to work a lot better than “Wow, you look like you’re fighting something. You’re gonna wana be awake for that,” which up until whatever switch suddenly flipped for me in March was my body’s usual strategy for dealing with…well, everything.

And now, here’s Gill with a reminder to enjoy winter but not get yourself killed, I believe.

Imagine you are out doing what you need to do, your trucking along, and suddenly you end up on your rear end. You get up, and realize that there’s a hole in your favorite pair of charcoal jeans. Or in the case of what happened to me last year you have scraped your hand severely.

So what do you do in this situation? Do or can you laugh it off? Or in my case have a moment of panic?

At first when I looked at the wound on my four finger it looked a little more than superficial, for most it would take a few days or a week to clear that up, but I am different.

The accident happened on a Friday, and by the Monday night I had developed an infection. A problem of a minor nature for most, but I am diabetic. The next evening I went to my neighborhood walk in clinic, because I really wasn’t feeling very well. The doc looked at it, and sorry to gross you guys in reader land out put me on some anti-gangrene medicine which kind of mucked up my sleep pattern.

So what can we take from this friends? Slow down, but don’t be afraid to enjoy the winter.

Love all of you out there.

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