Somebody Needs To Be Fired

Last Updated on: 1st March 2013, 07:45 am

Remember last month when I posted about all of the
hilarious production mistakes
on the NWA Virginia Action Zone? Well, apparently Rick OBrien and company don’t, because I’ve got a few more for you. I’ll probably keep doing this as I see them because to be honest, it’s fun to laugh at other people’s shortcomings, especially when those people should know better.

*In the middle of a match, OBrien suddenly stops calling the action and decides to try his hand at directing, yelling at the camera man to go to the other side of the ring so he can catch the action over there. The camera man of course completely misses it, which prompts OBrien to give up, say “too late,” and then continue the play by play as if nothing went wrong.

*At the end of another match, OBrien decides to interview the winner. He asks the guy if he’s going to join the Elements of Destruction, one of the big heel groups in the company. Instead of answering the question, buddy hesitates for a minute, then whispers to OBrien who doubles as the booker and promoter for the company, presumably asking him what the correct answer is. You can hear OBrien saying something in response before the guy stumbles through the rest of his promo, completely screwing it up by saying something that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever before the show ends.

And now we come to the one that’s taken the place of the “that match sucked” incident as my new personal favourite Action Zone moment.

*During the first match on the June 4th episode, OBrien is doing commentary as usual when somebody decides now would be a good time to ask him a question. That’s happened before, but this one is different. I’m not sure who the person doing the asking is, but it’s apparent that it’s somebody who needs to know how a match is going to end because he or she is somehow involved in it. Not everything that OBrien says off mike can be heard, but I did manage to pick out the name of the company’s champion and the words “heels over, heels over!” For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s wrestling speak for the bad guys are going to win.

Then, because he apparently senses the need to make a bad situation even worse, OBrien gets back on the microphone and asks somebody named either Craig or Greg to “edit out all of my talking there and let the crowd noise carry that last series,” which is wrestling speak for a sequence of holds during a match. Finally, just to make sure that CraigGreg knows exactly what to do, OBrien gives him a big “ready, go!” Before launching right back into the action, acting like nothing had happened.

But now that I’ve been a complete asshole, I feel like I owe them a plug. After all, I do like the show for more reasons than Rick OBrien. Some of the wrestling isn’t bad considering that a lot of the tallent are unknown guys just trying to make a few bucks and get some experience in the business. I’ve really enjoyed some of the matches and if it weren’t for all of the horrible production blunders, the show would probably be a lot better than it is. And beyond that, I’m glad that shows like the Action Zone exist because quite simply, it’s something different. It gives fans a chance to see something different from WWE’s increasingly Triple H dominated product, and it gives the wrestlers exposure to a much wider audience than the few hundred that come out to see the shows they’re booked on.

If you want to watch the show for yourself, you can go to
New shows are posted every Saturday.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure I’ll be doing this again sooner or later.

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