The Ability To Film Yoga Classes Has Been Patented. In 2013

Derik Mills and Yogaglo, Inc are some serious geniuses. I never thought I would see the day when it would be possible to film something and stream it online. Well done, gents. And a hearty good game to the United States patent office, an institution which is clearly entirely competent and not broken in any sort of profound fashion. Method and apparatus for yoga class imaging and streaming
US 8605152 B2

The ability to view and participate in various types of instructional classes, including Yoga, remotely and on-demand has become increasingly popular and accessible. However, participating in instructional classes off-site does not replicate the same experience as participating in an instructional class on-site, live with an instructor. The claimed system and method allow the viewer participant to view and take part in an instructional class from any location and at any time without compromising the viewer’s ability to experience a participatory class experience. The system and method place the instructor at the head of the classroom with live-participants arranged between the instructor and the camera with a direct line of sight between the camera and the instructor allowing for the viewer participant to have unobstructed views while simultaneously allowing for the viewer participant to have live participants in the periphery, as if the viewer was attending a live class.

How does this happen? All you have to do is glance at this to realize that these clowns were just allowed to patent the use of technology that already exists to record something with proper sight lines the way even the most amateur of videographers would. but I guess just approving stuff and bogging down the courts is easier than bogging down the patent office by making it do its job.

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