Fluffing…Airing Out…What Is It, Your Dong Or A Pillow?

I just learned something. Apparently it’s possible to fluff your genitals. I don’t know how this works for girls, but it looks to go ok for creepy guys on the street at least until the part where they get arrested.

A woman told Martin County Sheriff’s deputies Nov. 5 she saw a man identified as William Gibson, 50, in front of a store on Jensen Beach Boulevard with his jeans around his knees. Gibson reached in his undies and fondled his genitals.

“(H)e then removed his hand from his underwear (and) smelled his fingers,” records state.

Meanwhile, after the sniffing, a witness statement gives this account of what happened: “Then he jiggled his underware (sic) in the back, as to maybe be hiding something in there. Then all of a sudden he just pulled down the front of his underware (sic), to expose his genitals, fluffing them.”

Following the fluffing, Gibson pulled up his underwear and jeans. He walked away and “repeated the above action.”

Gibson told a deputy he was “airing out” his penis.

Well…at least he had an anser, I suppose. That’s better than some of these folks.

He was charged with a felony count of lewd or lascivious exhibition in the presence of elderly, a charge I don’t believe I’ve heard of before. So hey, I guess I’ve learned 2 things today.

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