Scary Dog Nicknames

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend I’ve started with at least Trixie and Tansy. I don’t think I had Babs long enough for her to be part of it. I have given them nicknames that are, or sound close to, nasty diseases!

One day, Trixie was being extra sniffy. We were on a bus and she kept sniffing every leg that passed. Without thinking I said, “Stop that, Sniffilis!” Steve was on the phone and said, did you just call Trixie Sniffilis? Then I wanted to disappear.

A few weeks ago, Tansy was running around my feet being a total goof. Again, without thinking, I looked down and said, “What’s up, Lupus?” I could have called her Loopy, but Lupus came out of my mouth. I have issues.

I’m afraid of the nicknames I construct.

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