The Punching Game Makes me want to Punch things

I’m writing this from the bus. I’m headed home to my folks so I can at least see my sick step-grandpa I was talking about. I expect I’ll be exhausted but it’ll be worth it.

So anyway, I was looking around on Twitter because…well…what else can you do when you’re just riding a bus?

I saw a tweet from CTV Kitchener that said something like “more people have been victims of the punching game on Victoria Road. Have you been a victim? A witness?”

I read that a couple of times. The punching game? What’s that? I asked Steve if he knew of such a game, and he said no.

So, since I’m just sitting here, I decided to google it, and look what I found.

And it’s mot just happening in Kitchener. It’s been happening around the U.S. too, and according to a daily mail article, 2 people have died because some stupid teenagers decided “Hey, there’s somebody who looks vulnerable, let’s see if we can knock them out with one punch. Sounds like fun!” only their victim falls down and hits their head on a fence. One of the deaths was a 78-year-old lady. She could have been the attackers’ grandma.

Really, teenagers, do you really have nothing else to do?

I did some dumb stuff when I was a kid, and I don’t get the purpose of this one. Is it the possibility of putting your pumching game successes up on Youtube? And what happens if you misjudge how weak someone is and you get your clock cleaned?

Seriously, go find something useful to do.

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  1. I’m not just sure what I’d do if someone did that to me, but They’d better make it count if they’re gonna try it.

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