Divorce Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means…Whatever That Is

If Jane Mulcahy was smart, she’d have used all that lawsuit money to buy herself a dictionary or 12. Then again, if Jane Mulcahy was smart, she wouldn’t have tried to sue her lawyer for not properly explaining to her that getting a divorce would end her marriage.

The Roman Catholic argued that the lawyers should have clearly explained that a divorce would terminate her marriage.

She claimed lawyers failed to take into account her faith and should have recommended judicial separation – a step away from full divorce – as an alternative course of action, the Independent reported.

I know a lawyer’s job is to provide competent and appropriate advice, but that doesn’t extend to explaining the meanings of basic words that the rest of us learned in like grade 3, or at least it shouldn’t. Religion, no matter what I think of much of it, isn’t in itself a get out of duh free card.

the judge saw it similarly and tossed the case, thank God.

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