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Last Updated on: 3rd March 2020, 06:29 am

I’m cursed to be followed by this Belvita commercial.

The thing is way too catchy…and it’s too easy to start singing it while you’re trying to get things done.

But 2 things: If she’s supposed to be so energized by these biscuits, why does she sound like she’s half dead?

And, why at the end when she says “and I even wrote this song,” does the guy go “No you didn’t.”?

Stupid commercial. And does she honestly say fish fedded?

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  1. Haha. I thought the same thing when I first saw it. “Did she just say fish fedded?” I also wondered why she didn’t feed the fish at the same time as the dog. Don’t ask me why that was such a concern of mine.

    1. Is this any worse than “scrumdelyitious” or any other bastardization of the American language perpetrated by the ad agencies?

      1. I never said it was better or worse. I just thought the commercial was annoying…and it wouldn’t leave my head…so I wrote it down. I’ve never seen those other commercials you reference, since I live in Canada and probably don’t get them…or maybe I just don’t see enough TV. But I know commercials are dumb. That Wendy’s slogan “It’s way delicious” used to drive me right around the bend. I think different commercials are triggers for different people.

  2. I think she also said “poodle petted.”
    Are they actually hoping to sell these things with this commercial?

  3. No matter what you say, this spot is better by FAR than most of not all car insurance ads. I detest Flo, Liberty Mutual makes me physically ill. Are Americans THAT stupid that they will still buy these products, any products, after seeing these insipid, mind-numbing, and REALLY annoying commercials? Unfortunately the answer is a resounding “yes”!

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