I’d Walk A Mile In Your Shoes, But I Seem To Be Stuck Here

Concordia University (not the one in Montreal, the one in Chicago) is looking for a new director of public safety after it was forced to fire what was until recently its current one after he was caught trying to fill the shoes of one of his female coworkers, so to speak.

A female employee reported seeing Margis exiting her office while buttoning his pants and fastening his belt two days earlier, according to a police report. After he left, she discovered semen in one of her shoes, O’Shea said.

Upon questioning, Margis admitted to the lewd act, O’Shea said. Margis and the woman were never romantically involved, O’Shea said.

Timothy Margis, 38, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor public indecency and disorderly conduct. He was released (a feeling with which he is doubtless familiar) on $150 bail.

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  1. Gaaa. if those were my shoes, I don’t think I could wear them again, even if I cleaned the jeebers out of them. Gill always talks about a shoegasm as something those justfab.com girls do, but I think this is the new shoegasm. Blarf. And wordpress? That error pissed me off. Please fill out the required fields. Ok button? I go back and my comment is gone.

    1. Uh, yeah. Those shoes belong to the landfill now.

      I like the term shoegasm, though I still prefer to use it as a term associated with shoe shopping women.

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