The Floating Luxuriating Machine

Here’s Gill with a few more notes from her vacation. I need to go on a trip like this someday.

Sit Back And Relax

After visiting the islands we would come back and head up to the ninth deck where there was three pools. One had a huge water slide, the others did not. One could take a dip in a salt water pool or sit in the nearby hot tub. I personally loved the pools best, because although they were cool they melted away any aches you had. They didn’t have a deep end, and they were smaller than an average in ground pool, but they were just right to cool off in the heat of a Caribbean day.

Eat Up

Sometimes one may complain about the food on vacation being too much, but friends the buffets were perfect. There was a variety of choices, an Asian station, pizza, tacos, and so much more. At night you could go to the fine dining rooms located on the third deck. Here is where you could get prime rib, lobster, or something a little more exotic if your heart desired. My personal favorite was the cold tomato soup to start, and this vegetarian Indian dish.

Show Time

What would a fantastic trip on a cool ship be with out entertainment? Pretty much everywhere you could find something cool to watch in the evenings, from stand up to magic shows. My personal favorite was a toss up between this one called Night Club Express where they paid tribute to individuals who played at the Cotton Club, Cab Caliway, to Club 54 and the BGs. The other awesome one was this tribute to the 1980’s. Flash Dance and Beat Street were just a couple of things seen on Thursday night’s performance.

Well my friends I’m going to leave you with this, and tomorrow in the third installment of Notes From the Boat more will be discussed.

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