Mike MacDonald Is Alive, Well And Still Really Damn Funny

Last night, Carin and I went to the Just for Laughs Road Show like we do every year and as always, it was great.

This year’s edition featured Arthur Simeon, Cristela Alonzo and Robert Kelly with host Mike MacDonald, who I can now take off of my must see live at least once list.

Seeing him was extra special considering everything he was going through not terribly long ago. I’m happy to say that he seems to be doing fantastically. He didn’t miss a beat and was absolutely on fire all night. His bit about answering Family Feud questions with “dead hooker” in particular totally killed. If I could find it I’d post it, but you really should go see him for yourself and hope that he does it. Honestly, the rest of the night could have been terrible and seeing him doing so well still would’ve made it worthwhile.

Since I can’t find the Family Feud thing, here’s an old special from the early 90’s that I’m pretty sure I watched on TV at the time. Part 1. Part 2.

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