Tansy is now 3.

Last Updated on: 2nd June 2014, 01:18 am

Yeah, I should be in bed…gotta be at work in the morning.

But I have to say quickly that Tansy turned 3 on Saturday. The pooch is growing up. She’s been through a lot, including 8 days without me…which she took like a champ.

Since I should be crashing, I guess I’ll just quickly say that she readjusted to going back to work super fast. I don’t think she’s forgotten a thing, and she really wanted to get back out there. In fact, when our routes were short, she tried to make more work for us by intentionally blowing by the entrance back home or really insistently pointing out stores we’d visited before. Tans, you’re adorable.

Our reunion was interesting, but had to be controled. Since she’s still a leapin’ lizard, and I would expect nothing less in this situation, Steve crated her when I first got in the door. Then I put pillows across the danger zone, and then Steve brought her out on leash. She tried a couple times to jump, but then settled on licking all my IV sites and trying to chew off my hospital socks. Oh, and she also tried desperately to put her head under the pillow. What a goof.

I think she’s gotten over my absence, and I’m pretty sure we’ll still continue to rock out as a team.

So happy birthday Tansy. We spent it walking our faces off and then having kind of unexpected company. We bought more skineeez, I know how much you like them, so I hope it was a good day.

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  1. Oh yeah, you guys are gonna be just fine. It’s like you’ve hardly missed a beat, actually. it didn’t even take you that long to get her out of those little things I let her do. Sorry about that, by the way. I was just doing what worked for me at the time.

    1. Aww no worries. Twas no big deal. It was more important that Tans had stability in her life, and that was what you gave her…that is far more important than a couple wacky things. And Tans is a super fast pattern picker-upper, so of course she picked up on the new game and thought it was great. It didn’t take us long to get straightened out. She is made of steel I tell ya, made of steel!

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