The Attitude

Here is another dive into the backlog that is stuff we have to post about.

Gill sent this to us, but I felt I couldn’t put it up until I wrote my epic about my gallbladder adventures. Since I barely squeaked that up in time to start another work week, Gill’s post took a back seat…until now.

I have to chuckle. I managed to fool her into thinking I was still a ray of sunshine while in the hospital. We all know this to not be the truth. But I guess I put on a good face for her. She would email me every day, checking on me and wishing me a speedy recovery. I would give her updates, but usually put a funny spin on them, even if the update was “I can’t leave the hospital yet.” She definitely gave me a reason to make jokes, and that probably did do me some good, and she has no idea how much.

Let me just finish by saying it’s awkward to put up a Gill post talking about me. Ah well, here it goes.

Oh, and…poor Maria.

Studies have shown that your attitude can help or hurt your chances on many different fronts, from the board room to the operating room.  Going in to any situation with an open and positive attitude can help your chances of achievement, promotion, and how you recover from surgery.

       Carin and Maria

Carin and Maria both had abdominal surgery roughly a month apart.  Carin knows the road might be bumpy from time to time, but her general go big or go home attitude will reduce post surgical complications thus leading to a speedy recovery.  

Maria had hernia surgery a month ago, and has made little progress.  Why is that?  Maria sees only setbacks, and has resolved to accept the one year recovery time the surgeon suggested.

       How do you become more Carin?

One watch comedies and laugh lots.  Studies have shown that laughter is literally the best medicine.

Two accept challenges, and have understanding that yes, sometimes life’s roads are bumpy.

Three keep an open mind.  Having understanding that when one door shuts another opens.

Four don’t fear thinking outside of the box.  You might just find that thing you weren’t expecting, but sometimes it’s those hidden treasures that bring the most joy.

       Final Thoughts

I, myself, once viewed bumps, even the tiny ones, as setbacks, but it’s those bumps that make for interesting travel on life’s road.

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