One Small Step

While I’ve been away celebrating birthdays, watching wrestling and eating many much deep fried and barbecued foods, Gill’s been writing about the anniversary of the moon landing. I shall now post what she sent me and go back to the baseball game I am watching.

To The Moon And Back

You have probably heard your parents talk about it, or maybe you yourself are just old enough to have a vague memory of it, but it was on this date in 1969 that Neil Armstrong and his crew landed successfully on the moon.

What My Parents Told Me

My parents were newly weds on that day, my dad was working in the orchards, he had not acquired his business at this juncture, and my mom, fresh off teaching second-graders in Cooksville {near Missisauga} was at home watching history unfold.

The World At Large

At this point Piere Trudeau was Prime Minister, war was occurring in South East Asia, and protests were going on to end the war in South East Asia in places like Detroit and Columbus.


Ask your parents, or dig back in to your memory to find out where either they were, what you as a small child, or just think of all the advances we have made in the 45 years since the Eagle landed.

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