Guilty Pleasures – A Response

Last Updated on: 1st August 2014, 03:42 pm

Note from Steve: This is Matt’s post, and it’ll say so at the bottom just as soon as I remember how to edit post authors.

I have to admit I enjoyed Steve’s Miley Post – or as we in Canada call her – Kilometery Cyrus. (booooo!)

What is it about Ms Montana that makes her so hard to hate? The song Steve points out is something I don’t detest as much as most pop garbage out there. But, alas, it is not my favourite Cyrus tune. And yes I have one.

Last year it was revealed that Toronto Maple Leafs were using Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” as the song in their locker room following every victory.

I’ll certainly grant you that, given the occasion it was assigned to, it wasn’t heard all that often. It seemed like an odd choice though, that’s for sure. Apparently the guilty party for starting it was Tyler Bozak. He then propped the stereo up between McLaren & Orr, the Leafs 2 heavyweight ass kickers, in the Leafs locker room to give other guys a reason to think twice before going over to change the tune.

I downloaded as a goof on some friends before travelling to the Winter Classic last year to see the Leafs play but the whole thing backfired on me as the song grew on me. I wouldn’t say it’s in heavy rotation in my collection. But it pops up more often without me hitting the skip button than I’d like to admit.

There’s no rock cover (there is but no good ones) of it that I can cling to as the a reason I like it. It just is what it is.

However, speaking of terrific rock covers. I whole-heartedly endorse The Horrible Crowes cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

Given my above honesty regarding my far less than manly affection for the Miley tune, I hope you’ll believe me when I tell you in this case I honestly don’t enjoy Katy’s version t all. It falls back in to the garbagey pop category that makes my ears bleed.

But this, despite being a cover of said tune, is terrific. As a stand alone tune it is wholy enjoyable. Brian Fallon’s bluesy/gritty voice gives it a real cool feel. The silliness of him singing her lyrics always makes me smile and it’s all around sound makes my head bob every time I hear it.

I’ve more than once found myself in a social setting humming it. Good luck trying to convince anyone you’re humming a cool rock tune and not a shitty pop tune at that point.

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