WWE And Rogers Left Out Some Important Info About The Network. Here’s Most Of It

Last Updated on: 12th August 2014, 02:08 pm

No thanks to the people at Rogers or WWE who’s job this is supposed to be, I’ve learned a little bit more about today’s Canadian launch of the WWE Network.

According to this post from the Fight Network, it sounds like I’m not going to have to throw things. The regular network and the on demand content are on separate channels, meaning there’s virtually no chance that I and others like me will be locked out of the service by menus we can’t read. I say virtually because this is still Rogers and if there’s a way to fuck it up, those clowns’ll find it. Anyway, the regular network is on 512 as mentioned previously, and the on demand section is on channel 397. Thanks for putting that in the release, arseholes. Seems just a little bit important, no?

Speaking of on demand, that same post tells us that what’s available at launch is pretty much jack shit. I don’t care personally of course since I mostly won’t be using it, but if I could I’d be pretty pissed. Here’s the complete list:

-SummerSlam 1992
-SummerSlam 1998
-SummerSlam 2000
-SummerSlam 2002
-SummerSlam 2005
-Great American Bash 1989
-Bash at the Beach 1994
-Bash at the Beach 1996
-Bash at the Beach 1998
-ECW Heatwave 1998
-ECW Heatwave 1999
-ECW One Night Stand 2005

That’s it. Seriously. I’m sure more will be added, but that’s a pretty pathetic rollout considering that the ads I’ve seen on WWE TV for the online service available in the United States promise 2000 hours of content. I might be a little off, but some rough math puts this list at around 36. So yeah, a bit of a difference.

I still don’t have an official price, but I’ve been seeing $11.99 per month floated around with one person saying several days ago that that number had been confirmed by Rogers. But since I never believe that anything’s been confirmed by Rogers until it starts working and you start paying for it, I’ll believe that in a few minutes when I hopefully get my subscription going. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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