Rogers Tried To Stop Me, But I Now Have The WWE Network

So about that having my WWE Network subscription up and running in a few minutes business.

I did get it yesterday, but not until close to 10 PM. For reference, that hang tight a second post went up around 2.

Looking back, the fact that I called Rogers and got through to a human being almost immediately should have been my first indication that something was about to go wrong. When things start out that well, there’s generally only one way to go from there when Rogers or Bell is involved. And indeed, that’s where we went.

I gave the usual mishmash of Carin’s info and my own, just like I’ve done who knows how many times before. Our cable is in her name but I’m authorized to call about the account, just like she is with our phone which is in mine. For years, this hasn’t been a problem. But yesterday it suddenly was, and the confused fellow on the other end of the line seemed genuinely annoyed at his coworkers for having let me order things in obvious violation of some policy or other. He was nice about it, but not so nice that he’d let it slide even though clearly the actual account holder had never complained. So I had to wait, inconveniencing poor Carin in the process.

But after she was forced to wait on hold for nearly a half hour later that night, the process was as simple as ordering new stations or pay-per-views usually is. Because of how confusing, vague and incomplete the info had been leading up to this, I fully expected it to be a procedure. But I’m now enjoying the WWE Network, so all is well.

The live channel works just like a regular TV channel, and has more daily content than I’ll ever be able to watch unless I decide to give up both productivity and a social life. Even if on demand didn’t exist which it doesn’t for me in the absence of help with eyes, it would still be a hell of a bargain at $11.99, which I can now confirm is the price.

And before I go and see if there’s anything good on, here’s a quick tip. If you live with someone and you want them to be able to make their own calls about your Rogers account and accomplish anything of value, insist that that person’s name be added as a contact authorization level 1. I was a level 2. I don’t know if these are new terms since Carin doesn’t remember them and they’re nothing I’d ever heard before yesterday, but apparently that was my problem.

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    1. I wonder if that thing is only something you get if you call through a cell phone. I’ve never seen it before and they didn’t offer it to you when you called from the house later.

      What’d they say, 12 to 20 minutes? And the land phone call was 2 hours after the cell one?

      Yup, crate of fail.

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