Some Weird Al Fun

Last Updated on: 9th January 2023, 04:53 pm

I wanted to link to a couple Weird Al songs, just because they get in my head, and I like the theme.

I tweeted a link to this one when my dad sent me yet another “don’t open a message that says ‘it takes guts to say Jesus’ or it will burn your hard drive” but I thought it deserved a link up here. So, here’s Virus Alert.

But what reminded me of this song was I decided to listen to “Word Crimes” on my phone, and in the related videos, I saw Stop Forwarding That Crap To me.

And I laughed, and I laughed some more, and I think others waiting for the bus stared at me.

So I hope you get a chuckle, and maybe you can dedicate one of these songs to a few hundred someones you know.

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