I Suck At Predictions, Plus A Couple Of Quick Night Of Champions Thoughts

I don’t have much to say about Night Of Champions. Over all, it was pretty good. Even the Divas Title match, which I worried would get bogged down with Bella stupidity, was totally fine. There isn’t a whole lot to complain about, especially with the shows being so much cheaper now. That’s not to say that a couple of things couldn’t have been better, though. For instance…

I have no problem with Florida Georgia Line being on the show. I don’t really know who the hell they are, but they’re famous and it’s good publicity for everyone to have them there. But interviewing them at the expense of a match going on in the ring is garbage at the best of times, but even moreso when that match is Ziggler and Miz for the IC Title, which is supposed to be important. I swear it must have been a good 5 minutes before any of the 3 announcers bothered to call a single move or even pay attention to the action whatsoever. I could be wrong, but that’s what it felt like and it sucked. Introduce them to the crowd and interview them between matches if you must interview them.

The main event finish. Christ I hated that. Sure Cena winning by DQ after the Rollins run-in means that Lesnar is still the champion and that’s what’s best for everyone, but would it have killed them to let him destroy Cena clean again? The win would have done more to help Brock than it would to hurt Cena, but instead we got a dumb protect a guy who doesn’t need protecting result that even went as far as to make Rollins look incompetent. Seriously, 2 guys just beat the hell out of each other for over 15 minutes and you, fresh as a fuckin’ daisy, can’t even fly out there and cash in the Money In The Bank case without one of them getting up, attacking you and running you off? Failbox. If you’re going to do that finish (you shouldn’t), the only one to thwart Rollins should have been Dean Ambrose escaping from the security guards that tied him up and dragged him away earlier. At least that would have played into the story of his promise to be there whenever Seth tries to cash in. But instead I’ll bet we’re getting a Cena Rollins feud I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to. But at least Lesnar is still champ, so all is not lost. I need to keep reminding myself of this.

And finally, how’d I do on those predictions I made? Pretty shitty, it seems. I got 2 matches right out of 7. That’s terrible, but as I said then, some of these were pretty hard to call and most of them I honestly have little to no problem with. It’s not going to help me out much in this year’s PWInsider prediction contest where I need all the friggin help I can get, but at least WWE didn’t up and ruin everything.

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