Wonder Of Wonders. Children Can Be Named After Things Without It sounding Dumber Than Dumb

Last Updated on: 21st September 2014, 03:04 pm

On the Blue Jays radio broadcast today, Jerry told the story of what I think may be the first instance of people naming their kid after a place or thing without it sounding completely absurd.

As he tells it, a couple of Baltimore Orioles fans were having a baby. As it happens, their last name was Yards. So when they had a boy, they decided to pay tribute to their team by naming him Camden. That made the little guy’s name Camden Yards, which is not only the name of the Orioles ballpark but also something that sounds like a real person’s name, an act that runs counter to the asshats who named their sons ESPN and, well, just about everything else that’s ever graced this here names tag.

Well done, Yards family. And to the rest of you, let this be a lesson. You don’t have to be a premium level idiot to cleverly name a child.

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