I Was Only Following Orders…

Last Updated on: 18th August 2020, 03:30 pm

When I was in university, I got a call in the middle of the night from someone saying they were doing a study on meal plan use, and could they have my meal card number. I stupidly gave it to them..and as soon as I did, I realized this was probably a bad idea. I criticized myself for being so stupid as to give out my meal plan number just because someone asked me for it. I would hope that if I was roused from my sleep and asked to smash a mirror, bash in awall with a lamp, and throw a mattress out a window, I would think twice about doing it. Not Mark and Lisa Kantorski, and Mark was a police officer. Just because a dude on a phone said he was a hotel employee and told them to do these things, for some reason because there was a gas leak, they did them. The dude on the phone was not a hotel employee, it was a prank, and there have been a rash of similar pranks across the country.

Uh, Mark, if there was a gas leak, wouldn’t you just want to get the hell out of there? And if all this smashing was needed to be done, wouldn’t hotel staff and police be doing it? I know you’re a police officer, but you’re not on duty. I think the funniest quote was what he said in response to why he followed all the instructions that his wife was receiving over the phone. “I’m not one to argue much with her.” What kind of crazed woman is she that you would do all this damage just because she said it had to be done? Yikes!

Even funnier was one prank where a random dude convinced a hotel employee to ask a truck driver to drive his truck into the lobby’s front windows and break ’em all so the alarms would stop going off. And the trucker did it!

People, think a minute before doing something this insane. I gave myself hell over giving away my meal card number. Imagine what hell I would have deserved if I smashed my window because the guy on the phone said so!

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