Go Jump Off Something High. No Really, It’s Your Best Chance

When you live high up in a building like we do (16th floor of a 20 storey building), now and then your mind tends to wander to places you wish it wouldn’t. Places like the one where everybody gathers to wonder hey, if this thing ever goes up in flames, how are we getting out unroasted?

Thankfully, there may soon be an answer to that question that doesn’t involve the words you aren’t, and what sort of BBQ sauce do you figure goes best with Dave?

It’s called the Evacuator, which may or may not be a nod to what my bowels will be doing should I ever find myself in a situation where it would come in handy.

Installed near windows in skyscrapers, this custom-built device houses a simple cable and pulley system. In the event of an emergency, occupants simply climb into the Evacuator’s harnesses and slowly lower themselves down the side of the building. It looks almost exactly like repelling, except the rate of descent is controlled. This is a good idea, especially since you can count on people evacuating a burning building being a little bit panicked.

So far it can only work on structures that are less than 1000 feet high, and for now the makers are only targeting it to customers who work in places like construction sites or oil rigs. But it’s still nice to know that one day there might be an easier way out of here.

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  1. Hahahaha. I wonder if it makes that same sound or if they’d need a higher grade of neeny equipment to get up here since this building is about 3 times as high as that one was.

    Hmmm…wonder if that song is on YouTube yet. One of us kind of needs to post it now.

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