Way To Be, Tipshit

Last Updated on: 9th November 2014, 09:48 am

Tempting as it may be, you’re not supposed to tip over a portable toilet to get someone out of it, officers.

Four officers from the Memphis Police Department have been suspended after pushing over the portable potty.

Inside was 31-year-old Joseph Hampton, whom the cops suspected of criminal trespass and evading arrest.
As he stepped out, the police appeared to give him a good kick before leading him away in cuffs.

There’s video at the link up there that my blind ass can’t embed, so go there if you’d like to watch that.

I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to post this, but then I stumbled upon this little nugget while searching for more information.

People who saw the video of the officer tipping over the portable toilet had mixed reviews.
“They already had him cornered,” said J.D. Littlejohn. “They ain’t had to turn it over.”

That’s so perfect it almost has to be fake.

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  1. Only in our southland. I lived in Memphis in the mid-sixties and nothing would surprise me. You have the advantage. Since you cant see the video, at least you won’t have to worry about unseeing it.

    1. Hahaha. Sometimes the blind thing has its advantages. I’ve got a pretty good imagination though, so the mind’s eye does enough of the job. Thankfully my imagination isn’t as good as Carin’s in this case.

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