Hey, It’s Tradition!

And now, Gill’s apparent holiday VC takeover continues.

Every year around this time people gather around, put up decorations, and sometimes drag out those awful sweaters with Santa doing the hula. It’s those things that make you shake your head, want to sometimes run screaming for the hills, but you do them all the same, because it’s tradition.

The Quaint

Your family might be one of those who gathers around the piano after Christmas dinner to sing Christmas carols, while classically trained great-aunt Lautie tickles the keys. Or you all gather around the fire, hot chocolate in hands and have uncle Bob read A Christmas Carol. You might go caroling through your childhood neighborhood.

Time Honored

Some have been passed through the generations, like that recipe for perfect ginger bread, or that well-warn copy of the family Bible. Maybe you aren’t quite certain how it got there, but unlike store bought the family fruitcake doesn’t taste, feel, or look like a doorstop.

It’s Cultural

We can’t forget the traditions from the old country, can we? Weather you open the gifts on Christmas Eve, have real sweet potato casserole like I do, or receive a chocolate letter in your stocking, these are also time honored traditions.

It’s Personal

A couple of days before Christmas my family throws a Christmas party with all of our neighbors, and some of our relatives. A lot of our neighbors bring something, some finger food, and usually some wine and homemade confections. On Christmas Eve we go visiting, then we flop on various chairs and such to watch a movie. Christmas day we open our stockings, eat, and open the tree gifts.

Tell Me About it

So What do you do? From cookie exchanges to sled races, everyone’s got a tradition.

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