The Mysterious Phrases Of Frazey Ford

Last Updated on: 16th October 2022, 12:37 pm

I have this song in my head, a lot,

and it’s a not bad tune. The only weird thing is her voice sounds like what would happen if you gave a squirrel the powers of speech, but hey, her voice is growing on me. The problem is I really don’t know what it’s saying. We all know how I feel about singing songs when you don’t know the lyrics. So I figured I’d better try and figure them out if I’m going to be walking around humming this thing. I’m going to listen to this song and try to write down what I hear as I hear it.

O-o I’m runnin’, a ha, for something else
but I know I
I’m’ on whatsapp
It’s so fine
come with you
wa o wa o wa

you find that you can do it
woe ho, all by yourself
but I find it’s just the pine, all alone and took mine.

Cuzz you’re the dirt and I’ll drown you, and I’m down you
cuzz you’re the dirts and I’m Downy, yeah yeah yeah

Were you a horse
high as a purse
all alone the hour of destruction
so nobody asks the question

cause you’re gettin’ tired
every day that ends
and all alone you’re nowhere
but runnin’ in circles and you’re high,
and you’re high high, high

Cause you’re the jerk and I’ll jar you and I’ll doubt you
yeah you’re the jerk and I’ll drown you, yeah yeah yeah.
How’s your bizzo, and I’m down you, and I’m down you, I know the one hurting yourself, yeah yeah yeah.

Hmmm…Was I even close? And what’s a bizzo? I have no idea but that’s what it sounds like.

Unfortunately I’ll never know because nobody knows the words. All the lyrics sites don’t have them, and even her own site just has an empty box. Seriously, who does that? I was convinced they were in an image, so asked Twitter, and I was told there are no lyrics to be had. Well, if she ever decides to put them up, we’ll know just how messed up my attempt was. In the meantime, I’ll just have to hope the words aren’t evil. Mine kind of are, around the nonsense that is.

I found the words. Let’s make fun of myself.

Who are the one-eyed?
AhaFor Something else
I know why no one gets out
‘Cause, you’ll find I’ll come with you out
You’ll find that you can do it
All by yourself
Nothing is just so fine
All alone to find
Hey yeah
‘Cause you’re the judge (oh yeah)I never doubted you
I never doubted you
‘Cause you’re the judge
I never doubted you
Hey, you have always
Paid to testify
Hold the world beyond destruction
So nobody asks a question
‘Cause you’re getting tired
Everyday that ends
You’re alone in your mind
Running in circles in your heart
Hand over hand
‘Cause you’re the judge (oh yeah)I never doubted you
I never doubted you
Hey you’re the judge
I never doubted you
‘Cause you’re the judge (oh yeah)I never doubted you
I never doubted you
‘Cause you’re the one holding yourself

Wow! I wasn’t even in the same ballpark.

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  1. Have you considered that maybe the lyrics aren’t there because even she doesn’t quite know what she’s saying?

    I’m so glad we decided you were writing this instead of me. I think I’ve tried too hard to pick out the actual words to be able to come up with anything close to what you’ve done here.

    Can’t say I’m with you on the squirrel thing. I can sort of see where you’re getting it, but I’ve heard her not sound the way she does here, so I can’t come along on that journey.

    But if you want to talk silly comparisons, somebody on CBC said that this song would remind us of Janis Joplin. Um…no. Maybe if you shook Janis Joplin out of a dead sleep and tried to have a conversation and she mumbled all the answers, but beyond that I have no idea what that woman was listening to.

    I do legit like the song though, mystery language aside.

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