Even When You’re Isolated You’re Still Out In The World, Councillor Hot Mic

Last Updated on: 23rd May 2020, 07:43 am

Update: If you don’t feel like watching or skimming five hours of meeting for 30 seconds of action, you can watch just the fun part here.

So remember the olden days of a few months ago when we all had to do things like deal with people in person and we, at least the functional ones among us, had to kind of be careful about what we said? Things are a little different now, but that bit about watching what we say still applies. Unfortunately, about four hours into this video, somebody forgets that. Extra unfortunately, that person happens to be a city Councillor in the middle of a meeting.

A St. Albert city councillor has apologized for saying he was going to “f—ing vomit” while unknowingly unmuted during the city’s first-ever digital public hearing held over Zoom Tuesday evening.
Rachel Vincent, a St. Albertan of 42 years, had just finished speaking about how she thinks a redistricting application for Averton Homes’ Midtown development in South Riel would damage St. Albertans’ quality of life.
“In fact, it looks like a ploy to bamboozle the public, and push through an unpopular development which can only damage the quality of life of so many St. Albert residents,” said Vincent during her allotted five minutes, referencing a peer sun shadow study the city commissioned.
After Vincent finished her sentence, Watkins could be heard saying: “Oh god, I’m going to f—ing vomit.”

“Excuse me?” Vincent responded after he made the comment. When Watkins didn’t respond, she told him he needed to mute his mic, and finished her presentation.

Councillor Watkins later apologized, saying that he was frustrated with several things including isolation, the issue at hand and Zoom.

I’m sure most of us can relate, but maybe a good rule of thumb might be to do our best to treat online life like real life. Basically, act like you’re always unmuted.

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