Bud. Weis. Ow!

I don’t want to sound like a heartless dick or worse yet a beer snob, but when you’re arguing over whether Busch or Bud is the better beer and then your buddy gives you the kind you don’t like and guns are drawn, maybe just turn them on yourselves and get it over with.

The incident, which occurred on March 7 in the New Orleans suburb of Harvey, resulted in Clarence Sturdivant shooting his neighbour Walter Merrick, 66, in the arm, with Merrick sustaining wounds that were not life-threatening, said Colonel John Fortunato, spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses told police that the incident, which began with Sturdivant and Merrick arguing over the respective merits of the beer brands, escalated when Merrick pointed a gun at Sturdivant, with the Budweiser adherent then firing a shotgun in self-defence.

Both were charged, Sturdivant for something unrelated to this particular kerfuffle and Merrick for aggravated assault.

Wow. Spell check says I spelled kerfuffle correctly. Didn’t even have to look it up. Not sure what that means, I just thought you all should know because I’m pretty happy about it.

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