Good Tune: Blitzen Trapper – Lonesome Angel

Yeah, I’ve been on a bit of a music kick lately. Been finding myself getting a little bored with wacky news and such. That happens to me now and then, and I need something to change things up. So until I get over it, here’s another song. Blitzen Trapper – Lonesome Angel

CBC Radio 2 has been playing this one for a few days now, and it got stuck in my head almost immediately. It’s hard for me not to get into a song like this, because it sounds so much like so many other songs I’ve loved over the years. It has kind of a the good parts of Bob Dylan meets Blue Rodeo thing going on, am I wrong? I also like that while it’s a new song, it feels completely familiar. I like it when my music doesn’t get too complicated or try to reinvent anything. Sometimes I just want to hear a simple damn song, and this one will do nicely.

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